My HD's are under constant work

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I see the disk access led flash a few times every second. I cant figure out why its reading/writing to my disk.

My system specs are
Pentium 4 2.53 Ghz Northwood CPU
Asus i850E chipset motherboard
512MB 1066 RDRAM
Nvidia Geforce4 Ti4600
2X Western Digital 80Gig HD's /w 8Meg cache.

I can find no evedence of a virus or any program that im not sure what its for.

Im convinced this is some feature of Windows XP that im unaware of.

Any ideas? The reason its a problem is GTA3 needs to read from the HD, and this is making it to slow and causes a stutter in the game.
To measure how seviere the problem is... try looking at it when ur in DOS mode. Use a startup disk to boot to DOS. If the problem still persists, then its most likely some sort of bad hardware connection within the box.. otherwise if it stops:: then, it's a software issue. Most likely win XP like you said. Try keeping the PC idle for about 5 hours and see if it's still active.

Tell me what happens....
I left it on all night last night, and it was still doing it in the morning.

Ive been analizing the Performance monitor (trying to see what processos were useing the disk, I think the "System" process is responsable for the worst IO spikes.
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