My gpu only spin one fan


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Don't rush for now. Before trying any fixes, find out if it's the actual behavior of the video card. I'm talking out of experience.

Some video cards with more than one fan don't run all of them until a temperature or a registered fan speed (this means gauges show fan speed but physically they aren't really running) is reached; e.g. 85C temperature or 80% fan speed then the other fans work. Some don't even run the fans at all until such rule takes place.

My GTX 680 has dual fan and the second fan only works at 85C. The second fan runs for a second just like the case with you video card at start-up. I also have an RTX 2060 dual fan and all fans don't run at all until temp. reaches 55C then both fans start at 40% speed. This is to preserve fans, reduce noise and save power at absolutely safe conditions where cooling is not necessary. Just like cars. Some fans don't run or run at reduced speeds unless certain conditions are met.

Try video card customization software like MSI Afterburner and manually increase the fan speed little by little (if the video card is good, it is safe to go up to 90% fan speed) with the case open, and look at the fans to take notes.

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