My GeForce 4 MX440-SE is not even giving me the DOS screen...

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AHHH!! I just bought this thing and it doesn't even give me the DOS screen. It just blurs and sends weird lines all across the screen. I have gone through all the steps of removing the drivers of hte old before adding the new but it won't even recognise the card or something. I checked to make sure it was embedded all the way into the mother board, and the video connection was good, checked all the pins on the cable... and I don't know what else. Is it broken or what? I also made sure to de-static myself before even touching it. AHH! Please help. I don't want to think i just spent all that money on something that is broken right out of the box...

here's my system specs:
Tyan Trinity 400 motherboard
Intel Celeron 1.1
~380 mb ram
Western Digital 60 GB
Sony CD-RW
Realtek 10/100
Sound blaster pci 128
PREVIOUSLY Nvidia TNT 2 64 -- 32 mb
Ouch, if you monitor works fine on the old card still, but with this one you cant even get text to display right, I'd just RMA the thing and get a new one.
RMA??? return to sender?

yeah, the monitor and old card both work fine, as that is what I am using right now.

:( damn.

so what's RMA mean?
Return Merchandise Authorization.

They send you a box to ship it back to them in, this way you dont have to pay shipping again.
no problem bud, sorry about your bad luck with the card though..

a bit late here, but did you check with Tyan to make sure that there are no incompatibilities with the card to the mobo?
no i didn't, but i figured since the card says it is compatibl with NE mother board, that wasn't neccessary. I'll try though, thanx.
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