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I saw someone else post pics here, and can't find the galleries - so if it's ok, I will post pics of my computer here.

This is my first case mod. It is a work in progress (aren't they all?). I have entered it into's 3rd case mod contest.

Name of the modded box? The Silver Web-Surfer

Original Case Make/Model? Generic Case bought at Computer Fair

Machine Specs: IWill XP333 M/B, AMD T-Bird 1.33GHz (o/c to 1.40GHz currently w/stock cooling!) 384MB Crucial PC2100, 20GB 7200RPM Maxtor Hard Drive, Samsung 52X CD-ROM, Sanyo 40/12/40 CD-RW, VisionTek GeForce4 MX 440 w/64MB DDR, Soundblaster Live! X-Gamer 5.1

Details of modifications: This case is not finished, but here it is so far. I cut a window into the Side Panel (mounted with short bolts and nuts) as well as mounting fans in the front, side, top, and back. I cut out the stock grills to allow more airflow. I also painted the outside of the case silver and the inside metal flake blue. The next thing I will do is install a fan controller - it is pretty loud with the 5 case fans and cpu fan all running at the same time! I eventually plan to install lighting on the interior of the case and mount blue LED Fans all around.

Other Interesting Notes about this mod: The front fan duct is custom-made. I had to cut the blowhole in the bezel because there was nowhere else for the air to come in. I also cannibalized an old case bezel to come up with the plastic for the fan duct and cross bar. The blue light in the middle is the power light (installed into the switch!), and the two lights on either side are the HD activity lights. They are so bright that it lights up the wall across the room!! This was the most time consuming part of the whole case and involved a lot of putty filler and sanding. I really like how it turned out though. The lighted case name was easy to make, but again time consuming. I cut a piece of scrap plexi to fit in a 5 1/4" drive cover. I printed the letters onto masking tape and carefully stuck it to the plexi to mask it off. It was then painted silver (different brand - that's is why it doesn't match exactly ) and placed into the empty slot. It is lighted by three LED's behind the bezel.

I appreciate the comments. For all you case modders out there - you have created another monster!!! I have enjoyed this project so far and hope to complete it soon. Any more ideas for this case?
hey man, good first case, they get better everytime... go to and see mine... i would suggest maybe sanding down some of the metal overlapping the metal to give it a better touch... but other than that it doesnt look all that bad :p good luck on mods to be :) try using some sort of Lian Li or coolermaster next time
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