My first computer build :)


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I'm just getting into computer building and would like to share my build to check for compatibility and quality. I am a casual gamer (sometimes WoW and maybe even COD) and i also like to watch Hi-Def movies. Oh yea, I'm on a tight budget. :rolleyes:

Motherboard $55

Processor $74
I think it can be unlocked to a quad core.

Graphics Card $77

Hard Drive $55

PSU $40

RAM $47

Monitor $90

DVD/CD $20

As i said I'm on a tight budget and this does not include the case. The price is $452.91. I want to know if this is all compatible and decent for SOME gaming and movies. Also is it good for multitasking and keeping speed up?

Thank you, and if you have any suggestions please let me know!