my first build


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alright i know you older members may be sick of these threads, but im building my first computer and these are the parts im looking at. please tell me what parts i should change and such like that, any comments are greatly appreciated. also trying to keep it under $1000 us

amd 3700+ 1mb cache sand diego core $233

xfx geforce 6600gt 128 mb 139

gigaram pc 3200 1GB stick 95.75

Hitachi deskstar 250 GB 7200 rpm 8 mb cache sataII 109.50

NEC DVD burner 41.99

thats all i have for now, down the line i want to add another 250 gig harddrive, i want to use this computer for a media center and gaming, i still need:

Motherboard something with 4 memory slots and supports sataII
Case doesnt have to be the coolest just looking for ease and functionality
if anyone has any suggestions on these things please show me what they suggest, also if you have any better combinations for my budget please show me thanks.


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looks nice, but I have never heard of gigaram so I'd play it safe and get the ram from a quality manufacturer.
Here are some good ones, just a little more expensive. (my fav :)) (this is ddr433 but even if the mobo doesn't support faster than ddr400 it should work fine [with the ddr400 speeds ofcourse]) (just look at the latencies)

ValueRam is cheaper, but it won't let u oc anywhere near to where these ones can go.


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right now im not looking to OC just yet, just want to build a nice computer, setup my network, and get everthing secure, before i OC but would like to try it out down the road

i thought gigaram was name brand, thanks for the advice i will consider it!

anyone have any other suggestions i still need a PS case and maybe a tv tuner???