My final year memo


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Hello everybody
This is my first thread here
I'm studying Computer Science in Algeria
I'm in fifth (final) year

To finish my final year and get my diplomat, I have to complete my memo
My memo is about creating a "Building ads agregator web site"
The web site must automatically search in building ads web sites to get ads depending on user's preferences

I don't know how to start and which programming language should I use !!!
so if anybody can help me, please don't hesitate to give me any information

Thank you very much


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Hi, usually most people go for open source programming languages such as pHp. Some also go for but obviously hosting a web site which executes is more expensive then the one which hosts pHp (since this is open source ie: free).

Now, pHp is harder to learn then as most experienced programmers will tel you - thats a disadvantage for using pHp however more help/tutorials could be found on pHp. I suggest you go over to your favourite web browser and type in pHp & and see which you prefer.

That is your starting point !

Goodluck !