My Dell Inspiron 1545 always crashes


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I am new to this forum so I apologise if my thread may seem familiar or anything like that. I have had experiences on a model aircraft forum I am a member on where members get annoyed if other members post repetitive or pointless things (I'm not one of the bad guys there, so don't worry).

I would like to ask for help with my Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop.

Here are the specifications:
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home-Premium 32-bit
  • Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4200 processor (2.00GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache)
  • 2048MB DDR2 SDRAM 800MHz
  • 160GB SATA HDD (5,400rpm)
  • Intel Integrated GMA 4500MHD
  • 8x DVD +/- RW Drive
The Anti-virus software is from McAfee (provided by my ISP, BT).

The problem with my laptop is that it constantly freezes and crashes. I apologise if you get many threads that are about computer problems on this forum.

Let me give you a brief history of my laptop...

I got the laptop during late February. When I first turned it on, it got stuck on the startup (start-up?) screen with the loading bar and the Microsoft Corporation writing below it. I thought that this was a one-off glitch (maybe it was) so I turned if off and on again and hey presto, it worked! The laptop functioned normally for the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Until recently (well, since 2 months ago) my computer has been freezing randomly. It first started freezing with Mozilla Firefox, and then on Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003. A few days later, other applications started failing. Sometimes when I played a game, I would get the BSOD. I once got the BSOD while I was doing my homework!

It's been getting ridiculous and I cannot use my machine properly anymore (now I'm back on my old ADVENT T9137 PC which is slow but reliable).

My father contacted Dell about the issues but Dell said that they would charge £57.00 to enter the computer themselves. They also said that the hardware was fine, so something must be wrong with the software - therefore my warranty doesn't cover it. I was stuck with no options, so I didn't want to use my laptop anymore.

I recently purchased Maximum Software's PC Registry Cleaner 2.0 from Serifto see if it could solve my problems. It has managed to find around 300 problems but could only solve about 80 of the problems. The system still crashes.

I can't even uninstall some of my programs that I don't want because it freezes during some of my programs uninstalling processes. It gets the BSOD sometimes when doing that too.

McAfee cannot find any viruses, so I can't tell you whether I have one or not.

Please can somebody help me with my system? I don't know whether I can fix it myself or whether I will have to take it to a computer repair store.