My computer mouse is dead.

Dear internet forum users:

I am going through a difficult time and I am looking (this is little more than a humble request) for advice. I do not know whether this is hardware related or software related, so I apologize if it was placed in the wrong forum. This is terrible and it's complicated, so please read this message carefully. Every piece of information may be relevant.

1) In June 2005 I purchased a Windows XP desktop computer (Intel Pentium 4 Processor) from Dell Computers. It came with a roller-ball mouse, which was a shock since I thought that roller-ball mice were outdated (and that they did not make such devices anymore).

2) On the morning of Saturday, January 1st, 2011, the computer cursor froze. I had to restart the computer in order to get it to unfreeze.

3) The cursor froze again multiple times throughout 2011. Everytime it froze I had to reboot the entire machine.

4) Late last night, I found that I could no longer move the cursor horizontally. I could only move the cursor vertically.

5) After rebooting the system, I found that the computer cursor cannot move at all. No matter how hard I try, it will never move.

6) I had to drive to the public library just to access this internet.

The purpose of this message is to ask what can be done to get the cursor to move again. I do not feel that I should have to buy a new computer just because of a problem with the mouse.

I have thought about perhaps buying a U.S.B. mouse from the store, but I do not know what good that would do. Because there are people on the internet who know more than I do, I felt it would be best to ask for advice on a proper course of action, before I spend the money on a new U.S.B. mouse, and find that such a mouse does no good.

Thank you in advance for your honesty,
Frustrated in Philadelphia


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The first thing I would do is to take the roller-ball out of the bottom of the mouse and clean the rollers inside it.

Then if it still does not work try a different mouse (either buy a cheap one or borrow one from a friend/family member).

If that does not work (which I'm going to bet that it will) then post back and we can troubleshoot from there.


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Because the computer froze, I'd say that the cord on the mouse wore out and caused problems.

On a slightly tangential note, my kids discovered that cheap optical mice can cause entertaining noise interference with the computer audio system... :rolleyes: