My comp's volts/temps...


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So I have recently put together this rig, (e6750 (not overclocked), 680i, 8800, fan, and PSU)

And I'm getting concerning/conflicting readings from PC Wizard 2008 and Speedfan. I know the PSU is cheap, but it had good reviews, so i thought it was fine. When I got it and was setting it up, I realized it had only one 4-pin cord to go in the 8-pin 12v slot on the mobo. So I got this adapter.

Well the problem with the volts seems to be a combination of a software failure and an under performing PSU. PC wizard gives these volt readings:

+3.3V Voltage : 11.14 V
+5V Voltage : 4.73 V
+12V Voltage : 11.14 V

Obviously it's reading the +12v voltage as both the 3.3v and the 12v. That's what i think is a software issue. The main problem is the fact that the +12v voltage is so low. The +5v is also a little off, but i don't think thats too bad. Is this something I should be concerned about? Am I going to have to buy a new PSU?

The second problem is that speedfan is saying my CPU temps are averaging 42c on idle, and 55c+ under full load. Thats too high for sure, and it might be because I put to much thermal grease on the HS. However, PC Wizard gives my CPU 32c on idle and, well, 32 on full load :/ . So which one do I believe? I'd like to believe pc wizard.. but I don't, cause the temp never changes, from full load to none. And the temp for speedfan changes really fast, like 3 seconds to go up 10c.

Also, on a sidenote, how do you check your framerate in a game (like the crysis demo)?



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I don't know about the voltage problems since I have a similar issue too, but measuring FPS can be taken from a third party software program or some games have built in capability to measure FPS. Don't know if Crysis has that capability from it's console.

But you can get this program here:

I have that myself and it post the fps right there in any corner of the screen (however you specify it). Only works when you play games or run benchmarks. Under normal operations, it's gone. It's a nice, free program.