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Hey. Thought I'd do the New Member Introduction intro.

Like many people, getting games to work successfully and to network correctly opened the door. Games drive everything! :)

My level of knowledge in computers and networking is sometimes pretty good, and other times in depth but tragically out of date,--knowing expanded vs. extended memory, overcomming the 640k limitation, and what ' attrib , ' did pre dos 6.22 or how to dll mangle different odbc drivers to work with in-house apps made by different depts that never talked to each other, also how to make CAT5 rj45 cables without a standard crimping tool. Since I'm old school windows, I was afraid and frightened of XP for quite a while but after taking the plunge and abandoning w98, and finding great sites like this one for info--I'm fairly accepting of XP. I'm still shocked to see explorer using an ungodly amount of system ram. I'm sorta up to date on stuff; however, I left the industry 2 years ago and am now at the UW as a Biochem major.

Most frustrating computer memory: Memmaker giving different settings each time I ran it.

Most common end-user problem: Cables, power button, or popcorn kernel in keyboard. Perkins Coie Law Office -- supporting over 600+ lawyers and staff...ugh.

Most annoying old arguement I've heard over and over: Linux Rulez, Microsoft sucks!

Most fun at a video game: Descent2, pre broadband access. Sloth II, III diku -- and yes couter-strike, but I lack the camping and whoring strategies. jk :) fav old apple II game - loderunner

Least fun at a video game: Battlezone -that voxelish pc game, not the old wireframe one

Oldest part in my computer: - 1.44 floppy drive from a 386. I'm not sure if it works though, haven't had to try for months.

Hiya everyone!
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