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i cant seem to find my briefcase icon. it is gone, and has been for a while , i just noticed it was gone by looking at my other pc. how can i get it back?
yes i have and its not there! is there a way to get it back? i dont know why it is missing, but i use to have it.
have you tried searching for it? probably have, but you r suprised about what you find in those searched, but remember to change the place you want to look in the hard drive
yes dave i searched everything. if i can remember , i had some problems with the pc a while back and lost "my briefcase" so in this case is there anyway of getting it back without redoing windows or something? :)
thank you so much anubis, this is what i needed :) i still cant figure out what could of happened to it originally though. :confused:
ok this is my problem now, to create a briefcase , i opened the control panel ,select add/remove programs, click the windows set up tab, and the instructions say, " double click accessories" , my problem is there is no accessories to double click?? there is nothing there? so now what do i do? any advice would be apprieciated :)
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