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Hi can anyone lend a hand. I want to burn some movie videos to cd or dvd. They come in mpeg video/audio stream. What format must they be in to play on a standalone dvd player?. And is there a prog I can use to burn them.

Help much appreciated.
hiya freeindeed ;)
to burn vcds (Video Cds) you need the files in their current format, mpeg.. and a program called Nero will do the work just fine..
if you need information on how to operate nero, just ask here and everybody will help you.. :)

cheers m8..
Thanks for the reply. I made a mistake, it's music video's and not movie video's I want to burn. What is the proceedure for this so that they play on a standalone dvd player.
there is no difference between music videos or movie videos, I guess, as long as it is a video.. Nero's VCD system burning is the same, you just need the file as a mpeg file..
ok, I will try it. Just by way of information I burnt several music video's to dvd but they wont play in my dvd player only on my pc under media player. I'll let you know how I get on with the vcd format.
file need to be insert to the folder named mpegav (Vcd) or mpeg2 (svcd) in order to be in the corret form..
anyways, you can try svcd instead of vcd, or try burning it in a lower writing speed..
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