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I want to know if their is a program that will let you capture only the voice in music, I find it very difficult to make remixes when all the music is still there. That is basically what I want to know. Thank you. I am a Dj, and I need some help... Thanks.
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I hate to put a damper on things, but there is no such software that is effective. The reason for this is that in order to extract a portion of an audio file, it must filter out certain frequencies. However, in almost all music the range of the vocals and the background music are too close to be removed completely. Any software that claims to do so prbably will give you some poor quality output.

I used to mix a little, and to be honest your best bet is to get the stuff you want on vinyl (easy to find in good record stores) and get a good sound card and hook the table up directly. Then you can just play around on your pc or your table. Anyway, if you find out a better way let me know! Good luck.
I too have looked far and wide to find software that would isolate or remove the voice from an mp3. My advice to you would be the same as rwp2Lehigh's because there is no such program.
You are wrong....

K.. There ARE programs that do that... I know, i had a couple, one for Winamp and another one that I can not recall. I can not remember the prgram I had before that did that and it did A GREAT job. I had to reformat my computer and reinstall everything because I added hard drive space. I have a DJ table but it is a techy one, like a big playboard one that you see in Studios. I also have a carrier one but my computer doesn't have a plug in the back for that type of thing, I record on the thing save it on my table, burn it then put it on computer, usually the NEW lable that i am working with supplies the Sample music but this time they told me to "make a remix of", Ne ver, bojsia Ne Prosi", and it is sort of hard because they would give me the layer program... But anyways... thanks for TRYING to help! :)

Please, don't have a stroke over it. I have never come across such a program that is effective, but if you can refer me one I would appreciate it. However, until then I can't say that I am holding you in confidence. Good luck, and thanks for correcting me.

Um.. Thatnks for correcting you? Good job in the sarcasm, and by the way, if you acted SO smart by telling me there WAS NO program like this without true evidence of it actually not bieng a program, why don't you "SEARCH HIGH AND LOW", for a program, i asked if anyone knew of one, not if they knew if it was a program or not, I am in college and a techie, I know.
No Sarcasm

Well, I wasn't bein sarcastic at all, actually just trying to be reasonable. Also, if you are so intelligent don't you realize that proving something doesn't exist is impossible, only proving it does is. I did not mean to offend you in any way, but I think you need to calm down a little. I also am in college and am a techie, and I am currently working as an IT intern for Susquehana Intl. Group on the AMEX, NYSE, and NYMEX exchange floors. Now, I hope you can let it go. Good luck finding your software.
Hmmm...interesting discussion. I do a fair amount of work with audio files and I have never come across any software that can successfully isolate voice from music or vice versa. (Assuming you are working with either a standard CD or MP3 .wav file) Unless you have access to a tracked version in which the wave files for each instrument and vocal are separated, you can only work with a single wave file. As rwp2Lehigh previously stated, there will almost always be instances where the frequency range of the vocals is the same as some of the instrumentation. Filtering out those frequencies will remove both the vocal and the instrumentation.

If anyone does come across such software, however, I would certainly be interested in hearing about it.

The only other alternative I can think of is to work with a wave editor (Sound Forge by Sonic Foundry is one example of many) and some frequency filter plug ins. Extract the wave file from whatever your source is (CD or MP3 file) and play with it using the editor and the filter.

Good luck,

I had a music file that i needed to be edited about a year ago. I needed to remove some lyrics and replace them with a different lyric to make it more appropriate to the aduaince that i was gearing it for. It was a mp3 i ripped off of a cd.

Well anyways i couldnt figure out how to do it and i started talking to this guy i know that works for disney and does sound stuff. He said it was no problem. I dont know the detail or what program he used but basically the song has a bunch of layers and one of them is the voice layer. THey also have the guiatar layer ect. So he grabbed the voice layer and made the changes and put it back into the song.

So in summary there is a way to do it.... how i do not know but keep on asking around.

Yes, I know of the layers also, but I found that there are two voice layers, one for backround singers and one for lead. Yeah, it is very difficult to take out the layers. I am on the verge of finding one so I will keep you peeps noted :)
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