music help


Daemon Poster
I found a song on you tube

When The Lights Go Out
The Black Keys

I can not get it anywere no one has it.

Then I found this web site

You put the URL of the youtube song you want and it takes it and downloads it as MP3.

And it works

So the MP3 file it gave me on my desktop I Right clicked on and clicked on Properties.

It says it is
Bitrate 128 kbps
2. CH Stereo
FREQ 44 kHz

All of this is ok I like it.
But one thing is this the specs of the Song that was on youtube because if not it realy is not FREQ 44 kHz and 2 CH stereo at 128 kbps???

Say you tube had a Crapy sounding song up did this site just take it and change the specs and it is not this type of song qwality??


Golden Master
It will be at 44khz in stereo, at 128kbps.

I don't understand what you mean by the question

You can't gain back quality by upping the bit rate for example.
What is lost converting the music to a video file, and sending up to the Youtube servers, is lost forever.

If you have right clicked the file, and it says that is the quality, then it is probably right