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Hello everyone, i bought this music CD the other day and i was hopping to take the songs off the CD and put them onto my computer that way i can keep the CD in my car and use the files off the computer to listen to it when im on the computer. Ususally its very simple u just drag the files into what ever folder. But this particular CD isn't just the music files it has an interface when i put the cd into the computer its like a program, it has the bio on the artists and the lyrics to all the songs and what not. Now i can't find the audio files newhere on the CD. Ive tried right clikcing on the CD going to explorer and looking through all the files but i can't find the audio files. Is there any way that i would still be able to find them, since they are there just hidden. Is there like a program i could use to get them off the CD. thx for all your help



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Umm yeah that called copyright protection. The way you get around it is download "backup" mp3's off of kazza or somthing. Its legal that way.


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You could aslo get either iTunes or Real Player, and you can "burn" the songs onto your computer.

That's what I do, Real Player.

And usually if you exit the Bio or whatever, just go there, and burn them, then you will have them.

Hope this helps.

If anymore help, ask me or others.


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can u even listen to the cd on the compputer?? cause what i do if i really want my songs on my computer is.. load the cd.. open windows media.. and do "Copy from cd"