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Any suggestions on any free music download places out there. I have used Morpheus and Audiogalaxy............
I'm not sure this is allowed here.. but if not, somebody will close it down...... and it is surely not a General Chat thread.. but I'm not the one to argue.. anyway...
Audiogalaxy closed down for free users, Morpheus got too damn weird.. try on KaZaA or WinMX.
WinMX, the best for downloading mp3s.. (kazaa sux for it's songs's quality, WinMX rulez for it's songs's quality..).
and there are many sites for full albums.. simply dig Google out with the right keywords and you will find em... simplemp3s is one of the bests.
Thanx for the kazaa lite tip :) For some reason winmx just doesn't like me, or maybe I have crappy server connections... When I get a new hd ( running on a total of 850 mb right now.. don't hurt yourself when you fall out of your chair laughing;) ) I'll try winmx again.....
I think I've used it once before... but I belive that if I don't use now then it was no good for me :D
sorry I couldn't give a better answer.. I'll give this program an other try. thanks.
DMo224 said:
Has anyone heard of LimeWire? What do you think of it?


Since LimewWire, Bear Share, Morhpeus, and so many others all use the Gnutella network, there won't be much a difference in the content thats found :)
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