Multiple Svchosts.exe?

B1u 3ii7

Beta member
ok, so i noticed my pc was running slow, and i am aware of viruses.. but right now, i just wanna know the solution to this:
so first off, what i did was went into task manager, and saw 2 svchosts.exe, then i heard of an alternate say to see running services in MS-DOS, so i checked it out.
well, then this is were i kinda got lost, i compared them both to eachother and what i noticed was in MS-DOS it showed up like 5 or 6 svchosts, with like 2 of them taking up a bunch of CP/Kilobytes Usage/Memory, and in task manager, only showing 2 svchosts not taking very CP/Kilobytes of Memory at all..

if this doesnt make sense, just look at the picture...