Multiple Seagate External Drives Not Working(Windows+Mac)


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I have a 3T Seagate Backup Plus external drive that I use for my desktop PC (Windows), that very suddenly stopped working (was fine this afternoon, but coming back to it this evening it's out the blue not), light no longer comes on, no longer showing up in File Explorer, though when I plug and unplug the usb my computer still makes the usual little jingle, the external drive hums to life like usual when I plug it back in, but then makes a couple of very unhealthy sounding clicking noises that I've never heard before. When I open up Device Manager it shows up there, but 95/100 times that I try clicking on it in any way, Device Manager freezes up completely and stays that way until I close it with the Task Manager. In the few instances where I've tried this and it didn't immediately freeze up, I was able to go into properties and found zero indication in there that anything was wrong.

Not the end of the world I thought, I have another drive (1.5T Seagate Slim) that has the majority of the same stuff on it that I've saved over the years, though I haven't used it in a few months now. This one is formatted for a Macbook, and when I go to plug it in there, it doesn't show up anywhere in Finder. I tested yet another Seagate Slim I have (that tragically does NOT have the majority of the files the other two do) on my Mac and that one worked fine, so it must be the device and not the computer. The one I'm having trouble with is showing up in the Disk Utility, and as far as it can tell me there's nothing wrong, but there's seemingly nothing I can do there, it says there's nothig to repair, and the Mount button is greyed out.

Beyond the few things I mentioned above I've done the obvious checks like trying different usb cables, power supplies, etc, but beyond all of that I really know nothing about ANYTHING related to this kind of thing, and I'm wondering if there's any other troubleshooting I can try before I go spending money on some service that can (maybe) recover my files? I've looked on different websites and other forums and stuff, but it's hard to find examples that are clearly the exact same as what I've got going here, and plus I really do not understand half of it anyway, so to anyone kind enough to respond to this, sincerely, talk to me like I'm an child/idiot, do not assume I know even the most basic terminology, etc.

Thank you.
I'm afraid that clicking noises coming from mechanical hard drives usually means the read heads are stuck. The clicking noise you can hear is the heads trying move. Various, so called, cures most of which involve shocking the drive into submission are about on youtube but I wouldn't recomend them. File recovery services are very expensive so if your files are worth it then that, probably, is the way to go. Generally these people remove the platters in a clean room and then install said platters (disks) into a device that allows the files stored there to be read and saved. As said though these are very expensive services.
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