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I'm going to upgrade my 4 yr old system. What my plan is to put a hotswap for my boot HD. I will be using 3 OS'es (each on its own HD so I can just switch to each OS when I want too.

I want to put older OS up to windows 7.

OS: Win 98 se XP Pro Win 7

The CPU I have now is a P4 3.8 Prescott
Video Card I have is ATI 700 Pro
Motherboard: Gigabyte 8aenxp 925XE chipset have PCI-E support
Soundcard: Audigy zs

My question is

My upgrade plans are either

Asus P5N-D and use P4 3.8 Audigy ZS

Gulftown 1366 CPU
Gtx 480
ASUS Premium Sata 6 MB

Do you think win 98 will function with a Core i7/ i9 cpu ?

What is the newest video card you think will work on 98 xp and 7.

Why do you want 98 and xp?... Windows 7 ultimate comes with an xp "emulator" type thing.

Also don't get a gtx 480, they're only for enthusiasts who want to blow some hard cash for an extra 5-10 fps. 5870 is cheaper, even with the 480 in some games, and uses way less power, and produces way less heat.
I want to see if this can be done

Could I do it with a core i7 chip or must stick with p4 setup
A Core i7 can run Windows 98.
But that's like using a sports car to drive to your local grocery store. (Obeying speed limits.)
Using something fast, to do something slow...
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