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Should be a pretty simple operation, but I wanted to get some feedback before I dove in.

I need to split up the network design that I'm working with. Here's how it is...

1) server machine with two nics
2) 6 client (loosely termed, this is a P2P network) computers
3) printer computer for gfx processing and printing
4) router for communication

-the split-
currently, all computers are connected through the router. this creates a lot of network traffic that is unnecessary between the server and the printer, as the printer continually pings the server seeking new jobs. what I want to do is connect the printer to the server directly and remove the printer computer from the main router.

I'm up for suggestions on exactly how to do this. can I just run some cat5 from the server to the printer (they're in the same room...) or should I look at another small router?
You could do a direct NIC to NIC connection with some cross-over cable to the printer, this would keep down the cost. I believe that an extra router would be too much money for too little result!

I hope this is useful!
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