Multiple Monitor Ports? Help please


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When it comes to computers, I really don't understand much. I have about the same knowledge as an average computer user, so I would like some help on this issue. Basically, on the back on my computer, there are two ports to plug in the monitor cable. For some reason, my primary one (separated from others) isn't working. When I plug in the cable, I don't get a signal from the computer. However, if I plug the monitor cable into the other port, which seems like a secondary port, it works fine. Can anyone clear up the difference between the two ports? And why my primary one isn't working? I would like to go back to using the regular one instead of this new one. Is something wrong the computer? Like videocards etc? Any help would be appreciated.
you might have got them confused. maybe the one that dosent work is the secondary. i think you have to have a primary in to use the secondary. but it wont make a difference for anything.


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im guessing your 'primary' port is a graphics card seeing as u said its away from all the others and the secondary is built into your motherboard ?

well boot your computer up and go into your bios and look for default monitor or default video source something like that and you should be able to choose from 2 thing whateva it is on at the moment change it reboot comp with monitor in your primary port.

note. i dont think you can dual screen with g card and onboard