Multigaming Clan - East/Central


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Hey guys,
Im in a great counter-strike clan called Wolves in Exile [wX]. We are mostly east/central and have 60+ members. We play many games such CS 1.6, CSS, DOD, DODS, WoW, Starcraft and many others. We just got a new Counter-strike v1.6 Server up at Should def. check that out. We have a website and mIRC #clanwx, We got ventrilo etc. Were always looking for members so if your intersted you can head into our channel or put in a application on the forums. There are many admins in our public servers that will talk to you in there. Checkout the new 1.6 pub Good luck gaming guys and mayb will cya soon


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sounds good! i will check those servers out for sure and see what i think, then consider applyin. I mainly play CS 1.6, CS:CZ, and DOD:S, so i will check out the 1.6 servers first...