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i recently received a Dell Studio 1535 as a present and it came with Vista. later i bought a 22" monitor. i want to use multi-monitor configuration but my laptop only detects one screen despite turning on the Viewsonic monitor and plugging it into the VGA port. any ideas? i need to know how to enable independent displays mode.
I use Win 7, but this should be somewhat similar. Go to Control Panel, click Display (if in category mode, Appearance and Personalization -> adjust screen resolution)

In there, it should say Multiple displays. On the dropdown, choose extend these displays.
Also, some notebooks have a Fn + F5 (or something akin to that) function to enable the VGA port.
If it's Windows Vista and if it's the default setup: Dell Studio 1535 Specifications - Laptop & Notebook computers.

Right click anywhere on your desktop, select "Catalyst(TM) Control Centre). If it's on basic, it should look like below:

Just run through until you see the option to extend your desktop.

If it's in Advanced view:

In the red area, you can just select the secondary monitor, right click and select extend desktop. If it doesn't detect, use the Detect Displays button.
theres a problem with my catalyst control center, it just wont start i can see it in the process menu on task manager but thats it. i have reinstalled it three times but still nothing has changed catalyst controller wont start

also this laptop is reconditioned. it has had to go back to dell twice because of hardware failures. dell never installed catalyst controller from the CD onto this. Thats how i installed it from the CD but it wont let me run catalyst control center
Instead of using the version on the CD, download the latest driver from ATi's website - having that latest will probably eliminate any problems you have.
thanks to everyone who contributed to this post but i would like to ask one more thing how do i work with the extended desktop as in how do i get things i want on that desktop
cool thanks guys, but my vista started acting out and so i upgraded to Ultimate and now everything works thanks for all the help everybody
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