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We recently bought an another monitor for our computer and connected it to a radeon 9000 pro card to a dvi-slot with a converter. Multi-display works fine, except that when I try to play a video clip in the right monitor (I've set the desktop to a stretched mode) for example media player, I can only hear the sound but media player doesn't display anything at all. I've also tried it with adobe premiere without any success and tried playing clips in cloned desktop mode. My OS is win 2000. I'd also like to figure out a way to use the multi-display mode in a way where the taskbar is in the "primary" display, and the secondary only shows the desktop.

I hope my message makes any sense. :)
My brother had THE EXACT same problems with his ATI card...maybe when he gets home i'll tell him to post what he did. :)
i hate to say it but u might it might be easier just to buy win xp {i had to with my dual video card} sum programing that win xp had built in u can do the programming or just buy or "borrow" win xp it'll make ur life easier
I'd rather stick with win2k. I think it's better for film editing and stuff like that.
Ive had that same prob for some extent with my Vid card (nVidia). What I looked up and found out was that the hardware video decoder, only works for 1 monitor at a time. Same with games, u cant play a game in two monitors. Cant render in DirectX or OpenGL in both monitors at the same time.
I forgot to close the other display and started morrowind, and it worked on both monitors at the same time. The secondary display cloned the primary. I assume that it's possible to get videos do the same, but how? I'm trying to copy a video file to my vcr, which i've connected to my graphics card with a s-vhs cord. I can record my desktop and stuff like that, but when i try to put for example .avi file, it doesn't work.
I figured it out to the point where I can record video clips succesfully with my VCR (by using Adobe Premiere), but when I try to record an captured .avi file (from my camera), Premiere doesn't display it on the secondary monitor. What's up with that?
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