MSI 6600XT variable framerate


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Hi, I5 10400 16gb ram msi 6600xt. SO I'm facing this issue in most games, Elden ring and warzone most notably. although Elden ring is capped at 60fps, frame time is bad, same goes to warzone and to a lesser degree BF1. Tried capping fps using riva statistics, lowering resolution and nothing worked. I ran some benchmarks on the cpu and gpu and the results are normal. What do you suggest?

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It's not a CPU bottleneck, it's a slight PCI-E bottleneck. The 6600xt uses 8 gen 4.0 lanes while the 10400 only supplied Gen 3 PCI-E lanes. If AMD in their infinite wisdom used 16 lanes, that at Gen 3 would have been fine on this platform. In this case the OP is kinda screwed by going with an AMD card as a 3060ti or 3070 would have been fine in this build.
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