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hello everyone, hope someone can help me. i have a
pen3 850 mhz i upgraded from 450 mhz,a couple weeks befor problem.
512 ram
geforce 2 32 meg
dsl, nortons anti virus 2002
when i open a window and minimize it , it disappears?it doesnt go to my task bar, so i ran system file checker and this is what i found,mscat32.dll corrupt, try to fix using win98se cd and info not found so i found a site that has the file and downloaded it and renamed my old file so i wouldnt lose it and i think i installed the new file that i downloaded because i extracted it to window/system where the other one was. i didnt copy and paste , just extracted, and did another
a system file check and now it says that mssip32.dll is corrupt so i do the same for that file and do a sfc again and it says mssign32.dll is corrupt , so i do the same and now it says a cryptui.dll file is corrupt , so i try to do the same for that one and it wont work, i get this message from winzip.

Extracting to "c:\windows\system\"
Use Path: yes Overlay Files: no
Error: The process cannot access the file because
it is being used by another process.
Cannot create c:/windows/system/cryptui.dll

please help , does anyone know what this is and if i can just delete what ever program it is? i have noticed that my pc's system resources are like, 86 at boot up and then it goes around 77 , it use to be 96 at boot up and 88 or better after. i have 512 ram , it acts like something is running i dont know what to do. i have replaced
and tryed to replace cryptui.dll
all replace ok except cryptui.dll...... help please someone has to have heard of these files and what they go to
microbell, i checked and it does go in c:\windows\system , i was told that i have to put a updated file on a floppy and then boot up with it and when a black screen comes up i type, COPY CRYPTUI.DLL C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM and press enter. how ever i tryed this on 2 different floppys and i get this..

nonsystem disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready.

can u give me some advice on this . thank you :)
got it!!

ok i fixed the problem, had to start in dos and delete file then go back and replace it, everything is working good now, and i think i found out what cause the corrupt files in the first place, i had the friends greetings worm virus. so i go rid of that and went into my add and remove ,to remove friend greeting and my task bar was working again. remember i said i couldnt minimize windows in my task bar. so thanx for all your advice , for im back on the right track again, for a while anyway :)
hello as in my last posts, i stated that i opened system file checker to check for corrupt files, and i would like to use this function again, but forgot what to type in the run box to open it. lol ... im running win98se , does anyone know what i type in the run box to open system file checker? and by the way i already tried , " system file checker " .:)
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