ms word keeps getting stuck


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I had a MS Office starter pack, 2007. I've recently installed Office 2010.

I must not've uninstalled 2007. Whoops.

Anyway the problem I'm now having is that when I click on a Word document, it keeps trying to launch in 2007. Worse yet it gives me some error message about configuring 2007 so it takes a long time to load.

I've tried right-clicking on the Word document to try to set it to always open in Word 2010, but Word 2010 doesnt come in the list of programs that I can select, only 2007 does. I tried to manually navigate to 2007 but I dont know the install directory and cant bloody figure it out. Who knew this is so complicated!

Please help.

Uninstall Office 2010, then uninstall Office 2007. After both are installed, reinstall only Office 2010.
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