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Using Windows NT: Local user is trying to view a picture file. When the user double clicks on the picture file or tries to open Microsoft Photo Editor, the application opens, but it remains on the task bar not enabling us to use it. The local user cannot close, maximize or open any picture file within Microsoft Photo Editor.

What I've done as an administrator? I've logon as administrator and as another user. I was successful in opening Microsoft Photo Editor with both attempts. I've also checked the rights of this local user and it is the same as everyone else. Just to double-check her rights, I've logon as the local user, who is experiencing the problem, on another computer and I was successful in opening picture files in Microsoft Photo Editor.

Does any one have any suggestions?
Try deleting all the temp files in that users directory, ive seen weird stuff like this happen before.

And by the way, I mean all temp files, not just in the temp dir, but in the photo editor dir, and any other tmp files you can find.

Lemme know if it works.
Your gonna think this is crazy

When you see the MS photo editor down there on the taskbar, right-click on it and choose "restore." I had a butt-load of customers with this same issue, when we upgraded to win 2000 from 95...

It may or may not work, but don't be afraid to try it.
well it may be too late for you know, but for anyone else who views this page, the problem is that the window is off the screen. MS has a fix where you change the initial position of the window in the registry but all i did is right click on the taskbar button, select move, and move with the keyboard til it showed up
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