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I am running Windows ME on a Compaq Presario 5000. I have been using MS Office 2000 for a couple of years now, & now I'm having a problem in that when I try to open Frontpage, the splash screen appears & the program begins to open, but then it freezes. My computer is frozen, as well. Alt-Ctrl-Del & pressing the restart button do not help. The only thing I can do is disconnect the power, wait a couple of minutes, & reconnect the power. Just before this happened I had been receiving error messages on opening Frontpage that there was not enough memory??? I checked my system resources & they were at about 78%. I closed all programs that were open. I tried starting Frontpage fresh after rebooting & still got the error message. Then I began having the problem above where it wouldn't open at all.

I have tried everything I can think of. Have even tried MS Office repair, reinstall, uninstall, then reinstall again.

I'm trying to remember what I was doing when I first had the problem.

I do recall that the server that hosts my site had crashed, & my site was down for a few days. They eventually put it on another server. I was having trouble logging in to edit my page (I edit it live), but eventually we realized that permissions hadn't been set correctly on the server & that was fixed. I was able to log in & edit my page one time.

The next time I tried to edit my web page I did it a little differently. I went to my page in my browser & clicked File/Edit With Microsoft Frontpage (not sure why I did it this way; must have been having a problem logging in the regular way & wanted to see if this would work), but then FP froze & I haven't been able to get it to open again.

I followed MS' site's advice where it said to go to C/WINDOWS/APPLICATION DATA/MICROSOFT/WEB SERVER EXTENSIONS/CACHE & I moved all of these files out to a temporary folder to see if the cache was corrupt. Didn't help.

I did System Restore twice. Didn't help.

I also recalled that I had recently installed a game for one of my children, Jumpstart Typing Tutor that prompted me to install QuickTime during installation. I began having problems with Norton Systemworks 2000, Internet Explorer, Help, etc., just problems all over my system after that. I ended up uninstalling & reinstalling Norton. I uninstalled QuickTime & the game. I reinstalled IE. I updated DirectX. I also began receiving errors involving MS Jscript, so I downloaded & installed the latest version of that.

Eventually I got everything on my computer back working fine, EXCEPT Frontpage is still freezing. Word & other components of MS Office 2000 are working fine.

I have deleted every temporary file I could find on my computer, including those in the FP temp folder.

It's almost as if I encountered a virus of some sort that involves strictly Frontpage, though Norton was set to do automatic updates & was completely up to date & set to scan all files at all times. I did a full system scan twice & came up empty for viruses. I haven't had any unusual alarms on my ZoneAlarm to indicate any trojan activity. Paranoid question: Is it possible for someone to do something locally on your computer to disable your ability to run one specific program, even if you reinstall it?

I do freelance web design & am in the middle of a big project that I edit live via FP. I also edit another site locally on FP & then upload it via CuteFTP. Around this same time, I had to download a page from their server via CuteFTP to overwrite the copy of the page I had on my computer locally. The next day that server was down. I emailed them, & they said they were "just doing some work" & soon after the server was back up.

I'm wondering if I could have gotten some sort of virus from a server that Norton didn't detect??? Does that make sense? I dunno. I'm at a loss. Just trying to give you as much info as possible in hopes that maybe something will click with someone who may have an idea of what the problem is.

Someone had suggested I reinstall Windows ME. I bought my computer with it factory installed. How do I do that in this situation when I don't have a Windows CD? If there is a way to do it, what will I need to back up or have available when I do this? I would hate to have to resort to this, but I guess once I've exhausted everything else it would be my only choice.

If anyone can help me solve this problem I will be so grateful.

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In your opinion, would it be better to upgrade the OS to XP or downgrade to the old Windows 98.
I bought my computer with it factory installed. How do I do that in this situation when I don't have a Windows CD? If there is a way to do it, what will I need to back up or have available when I do this?
Compaqs come with a restore disk even when the software and OS are preloaded.

Depending on the type of restore disk, it might do a format to restore and you would have to backup your files before doing it. Some of their restore disks allow selective restores for certain programs.

I've done both on 2 different Compaqs that I had. The full restore did a full format and put the pc back to the way it was when I bought it. IMO, that really sucked because of all the stuff that had to be backed up and replaced. The selective restore that I did only worked for some of the programs preloaded, not all of them.

Do you have your restore disks? If not, maybe you should check the place where you made the purchase.

But with these techies here, they'd walk you through building a better machine. :D That would be cool.
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