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I have just converted a avi video into a mpg format but still cant fit it onto 1 cd when burning.
Can someone tell me if there is a program which will let me bring the size down wothout losing and of the film or quality.
I have 700mb discs.
Thee only way to lower the size of the mpeg file is to lower the bitrate of the file by re-encoding it, but the quality WILL go down if you do that...... How much? Depends on how much you lower the bitrate.... Or, you could always split the file into two mpegs and put it on 2 CD's..... your choice. :D
Lowing the quality of a MPEG file will be damn worthless! Mpeg is the lower quality of all files.
I can't understand why you encoded it firstable from the avi, but as dear Chopper said, try spliting to two mpeg files.
Other way, like I like, is using WinRar. WinRar can store the file, without damagin it (or a possible CRC error). If you store the file in a rar file, or spliting it to two rar files, it would be best. If you like this option and can't find the way, write it here and I'll come to the rescue :D

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