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I've been having alot of trouble with IE6 lately. I'm thinking of uninstalling it and downloading Mozilla, however I know nothing about it. Is it like IE and what are your guys comments on it? Anyone using it have problems with it? Do you like it? Any comments are welcome.
I use Mozilla exclusively. Nothing about it screams praise, but at the same time it is a lot better than IE for a number of reasons.
I occasionally use Mozilla when I'm in Windows and I use it all the time in Linux. It's certainly a good browser, but I'm just way too used to IE to completely switch over.
Mozilla is what netscape is based on. I just switched over to mozilla a couple of days ago and i love it. Websites seem to load a lot better with mozilla.
I would encourage all IE users to try Avant Browser. Its based off IE (or vice versa, not quite sure), blocks popups, increases speed(supposedly) and can open multiple browser windows within the application. Everything functions like IE, its just a lot nicer.
I use Mozilla all of the time, except when I cannot. The problem with Mozilla is many websites require special plug-ins in order to use it. For eample, chatrooms, flash things, video....
Thumbs up for Mozilla

I really like Mozilla.

some reasons I like it:

grouped/tabbed favorites - I have several national newspapers in one bookmark, so I can read the propaganda to my hearts content, and each on a separate tab in one instance of Mozzilla.

free alternative to microsoft IE

easily collapsible menu bars/buttons

built in mail program, news reader, simple html composer--just like netscape's of course

It actually works fairly well, I have had no complaints--although Randy is correct about some things not working. I actually have had relatively few instances of plug-in problems, but I don't go to a lot of flash/widget intensive sites.

The philosophy of open source blah blah etc

Its icon looks way cooler than the explorer icon, and will add to your Feng Shui desktop order
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