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Hey guys, I just have a quick question. I just downloaded Mozilla Thunderbird last night, and I was wondering what I put for the incoming and outgoing server. I have no previous experience with Outlook so im new to this format. I want to use my G-Mail account with it.

Also last night when I was setting it up I accidently put something for the outgoing server, not knowning what I was doing, and I tried to edit it and add a new one and the only thing I got was a message saying that I needed to enter a valid host, I made sure that all of the different entry fields were filled in and I tried it several times and still got the same message.


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The ingouing server name is and the outgoing server is

Also, before you get your mail, make sure to edit in the Accounts Settings, the server ports! The ingoing uses SSL, and the outgoing, SSL also.