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Well in a few week my dad is going to be buying a house. I am really excited to move into the house cuz it would be perfect for a large lan party. It is all on one floor and most of the house has a false ceiling so it would be really super easy to run network cable all over the house. I just aquired a 24 port switch and i have another 8 port switch. My cousin is going to order a spool of cat5e cable and all the neccessary stuff that we don't already have. (My cousin owns a computer store just in case you didn't know).
Yeah, im curious too. Moving can be fun. :)

I edited this because i originally spelled curious like this: curiose. some say you can not be a computer dude and spell. too much time in the chatroom.
I am moving to neenah. I currently live in neenah. We my dad is moving from an apartment to a house.
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