Moving 4tb HDD from old PC to new PC


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Building another computer.

Right now in my main rig I have an SSD that runs my OS and software programs only.
No files storage on my SSD.

I also have a 4tb HDD as another drive in this computer but it is for file storage only.

Here's my question:
1) Can I disconnect my 4tb HDD and plug it into a new build and use for file storage only and keep everything thats on it right now?
2) Will all my files on this 4tb HDD still be on there and safe etc... or will I loose them by disconnecting the 4tb HDD

*I simply want to move the 4tb HDD ( which has no running software or programs on it.) and connect it to a new computer. And use it just like it is being used now. File storage only.
This new build will have a seprate SSD for my OS and software.

3) Is it as simple as disconnect from the old and reconnect to the new?


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1- Yes
2- You won't loose anything
3- Yes

Beware that the file system may not be supported by the new OS. The workaround is pretty simple, but it can happen.


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Simple rule of thumb is that a boot/OS drive is generally not able to be moved to a new computer but a data drive is. There are exceptions however, such as a an unrecognized filesystem as pointed out by Amd_man.


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Actually, short answers to all your questions is yes and safe just as it was in the old build.

Long answer is that it depends. Consider the following:

1- What (in a nutshell) OS you are planning to use on the new build. Hopefully it is of the same type so file type does not conflict. In some cases, this conflict could ruin that old data.

2- If the OS is different, I highly recommend a full OS installation first before putting the storage drive.

3- Make sure that there are no protected folders if you don't want to resort to lengthy and dodgy methods to remove the protection. Remove the protection before moving the HDD.

4- Do you include games as storage? (games are huge so they are usually in the storage drive). This will require copying some files from the old OS drive to keep old records.

5- Depending on the reliability and age of the new build, hopefully it has no problems with huge HDD's. If it does, make sure to patch that (officially) first. Just to be safe.

6- Some media and files might not work because the OS is what holds the means to run them. You might need to update the OS with the needed means.

Safe moving!