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i just downloaded a movie and its extension is DVD Rip.XVid.BrG AND I HAVE ALL THE PLAYERS WINAMP, DIV X PLAYER, QUICKTIME PLAYER, REAL ONE PLAYER AND WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER- so i dnt think i need extra codecs-so i dnt think the codecs are the prob-SO here are the prob xvid just freezes when i play it, winamp says it cant find a compressor and it plays it with no audio or vid but the file plays, quictime says it does not have the right softwre, the interesting ones are, real one player says it has encountered a problem and needs to clse so it does and as result so does the player and windows media player says it is a illegal instruction and it closes and does nt allow me to watch the mov-SO i was thinking what could it be the codecs (prob nt), so what else is it corrupt and if it is can i find out if it is corrupt before i doenload the file-coz it can take some time to download the file.


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Quite sadly i believe the file is messed up...

Some people porposely put dud files up to waste your time downloading supposed movies.

my advice would be to download movies with reliable file names that alot of users have, road trip for example- Roadtrip.avi

Check the filesize is around 700meg

Hope this helps

PS: i am by no way encouraging this illegal act it is purely for information porposes.