Movie part file help?


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When watching a divx stream on the net it saves a part file in your temp download divx folder. I have a number off these part files that are unfinished Is their anyway i can convert them into working files that will play on my ps3.

They play fine in the divx player and vlc player allthough they do not play in wmp.

I have changed the extension from .part to .divx

I also have a divx file that i am not sure what is wrong with it i thought it fully downloaded but i could be wrong.

When i try to play these files on my ps3 it comes up "File type unsoported" I have tryed renaming them to .avi files and that does not work either.

I was going to try converting all the faulty files to dvd format useing "DVDFlick" and then convert the dvd file into an avi useing "dvdx" This would be quite time consuming tho so it is a last resort.

This is one off the part files i renamed to .divx

And this is the file i thought fully download. So i am not quite sure about this 1.

Any help is much appreciated Thanks.:p


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If you can find a converter that converts those divx's to mkv or avi you can then put those files into gotsent (free application that converts to PS3 format). I know i'm being kind've vague but that is all I can help.