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Hi All,
The pointer [curser] has disappeared from my machine. I have an asus A7v-266-e motherboard with Athlon cpu.
At first the pointer ran all over the screen and all sorts of dialog boxes appeared,mostly startup etc.This happened after installing windows 2000 on a drive but i suspect the problem was already starting. Now the pointer has disappeared altogether.bios setup works ok altho this was not working for a while.
I am thinking the BIOS is stuffed up and could be reset but would like a better opinion than mine before I muck around too much.
Have tried other working mice. The problem also occures with a HDD with XP home installed.
Thanks heaps for any assistance.


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so you tried a new hard drive with xp installed that would rule of a virus or spyware.

Did you try both USB and PS2 mouse ports and mouses?

tried going into the bios and setting it to factory or default settings?
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