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anyone got any info on this? I'm tempted to mess around w/ my intelli eye, and altho it wouldn't be too hard to change out the led, I was more looking into it to see if anyone knows a place that you could get the clear mouse wheel... thanks.
"n3tw0rkn3rd", do you know what I'm referring to by schs? If so, I'm quite sure I know who you are.
yes... i agree....those sites would probalbly be the best... I think if u just look around, u will be able to find out what u need. Just remember to draw what u want it to look like first, so that if u don't like what u make it, then u don't have to go buy a new mouse.... i hope that mad sense :?
ive tried to make a modded mouse, but screwed it up... but if u do it right, it makes a nice addition to ur comp.
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