Mouse & keyboard freeze !!!


Baseband Member
the other night i turned my p.c on & after about 2 mins the mouse pointer just froze !! & even befor it did i could'nt type anything in using the keyboard !! weird !! this hasnt happend befor not sure what to do now, however tried booting up with keyboard disconnected & the mouse works no problem, then i tried putting the keyboard in the back & guess soon as i push it in the mouse feezes again !! going to try & new keyboard when i get home from work to see if that helps..also tried a system restore...same again...also uninstalled keyboard drivers device manager, & although windows picks up a new device when in put keyboard back in..same problem....any ideas ??? thanks in advance Andy u.k

~mr mixx~

The Candyman
Either your keyboard or your mouse connections are loose or you seem to have the same prob. that most people get when their mouse stops working. i would sugest you do a full scan for spyware and malware in safe mode. f8 at startup.

if it don't find nothing, then it's a driver issue...i would get ahold of a program called CC CLEANER, and do a scan with that. this free program is very good at fixxing issues that can't be fixxed any other way.

you can find it here....good luck.