mouse freezes..then works..then freezes.. etc.


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Ever since yesterday, when i thought i installed a driver for my cd-drive, my mouse has been really annoying. it works for a few seconds, then just freezes on screen and the buttons dont work...then it works again...and sometimes it suddenly jumps to the bottom of the optical mouse has a sensor, not a trackball. and i connect it via usb on my windowsxp


~mr mixx~

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This could be caused by several things, so it's hard sometimes to hunt down the prob. more of the majority would say that it's either spyware or maleware that's causing the prob.

in most cases it's good to do a scan with your spyware prog's in safemode. also you could try un-installing the driver's for the mouse, then the next time you boot up windows will detect it and re-install them for you.

if that don't work, try un-installing the driver's to the cd-drive , and let windows re-install it's own driver...then check to see if your mouse is still acting up.

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This may sound really dumb but make sure there is no dust or anything over the sensor(or whatever you call it). This has happened to me a few times.

But like Mr Mixx said I would just try reinstalling the drivers for your mouse.

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If all those are fine, you might want to check for spyware in safe mode, like Mr Mixx said. That sounds like a spyware problem to me.