Mouse acting strange


Beta member
My mouse or cursor whichever it is has been acting strangely in that whenever I am on a website and it just suddenly flips back to the very first page that I viewed and this doesnt only happen in opera it occurs in firefox as well and also when I am browsing the files on my system it happens too, lets say I open up My Computer and then go into the C: drive whatever on the disk starts to show up then it just flips back to My computer. I've noticed that sometimes this happens after I scroll down on the mouse wheel and it seems come and go randomly
Also when I hover the cursor over a window it brings is to the front,and the opposite seems to happen as well where the mouse moves but wont click and bring the window to the front. This happens with all the mouses I connect to the computer whether its USB or PS/2 I still get the same results, I've tried multiple spyware and virus scanners but besides the usual tracking cookies they all come up clean....
I use a dell inspiron 8600 running on windows XP pro sp2 attached to a dockstation...