Motorola G5 Plus issues


Daemon Poster
we purchased Motorola g5 plus phones for myself, my wife and daughter. my daughter destroyed hers in about 2 years, which honestly is really saying something for Motorola's quality. because she is H A R D on electronics! anyway, my phone was having no issues until she "had to" use it to take weather phenomenon photos above our home. and since that day, the phone refuses to recognize the micro sd card that was in it, meaning i lost access to 3 years worth of photos that are on that card. i think somehow, she corrupted the card. i have had it in and out of the phone several times. but it always refuses to even recognize the card. on one of the times i had the card out, i put the micro sd card, into a sd card adapter, and put that into my laptop hoping to retrieve all the photos. but my laptop will not open the files either. i purchased a new micro sd card to install in my phone. but when i went to install that, my phone said i would loose all of the data that was on the previous card. my daughters boyfriend says all of that data will be on my google account. but he had no idea how to access it. so i don't know if he was right, or just thinking incorrectly. i am stuck between having a phone that may work correctly (assuming only the sd card is damaged), and loosing 3 years worth of photos and other data (i set the phone to use the sd card to work like regular phone memory, rather than removable memory). i really don't even know whom or where (besides here) to ask for help. i can live with loosing the other data, which should just be apps, and the data from them. of course, my phone had a major update from the previous o.s. to android 8.1.0. and i have no idea if that would have gone into the normal phone memory, or into the sd card memory. i really don't know what to do at this point. HELP! PLEASE!
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