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Recently, GG, Asus and MSi, Soltek and a few others release the so call Granite Bay MB. What does it mean? Better performance in terms of speed or reliability? When choosing a Motherboard, what should i look for?

1. Corporate server
2. Graphic design
3. Gaming
4. Word processing
Not an easy answer. Let me give you some things to look for in a board for each category...then you can find one that suits your specific needs.

-corporate server-
this one really depends on what you're running. if you're using unix...well then I hope you're already hardware savvy enough to know. but if you're doing something on a much lower scale, as in Win2k Server, then I would recommend looking for a board with more than the default 2 ide channels. I think you can actually find some reasonably priced boards with 4 ide channels (that's 8 ide devices!). this is not an issue if you are going to be using scsi devices. other than's all bells and whistles really. you want something that will use around a gig of ram and has a few security features -- ie., chasis intrusion, heat monitors, etc. Some of the other nice features to look into are wake on lan, wake on ring, and built in networking hardware.

hands down, you need to have a board with an agp pro slot. granted, the pro boards are E X P E N S I V E...but you're a designer, right? so no problem. you have to have it. other than that, you want a board that will support a good deal of ram.

this is probably the most flexible niche, as it is the most heavily marketed. do your homework til you find a board you like.

-word processing-
if it supports a processor, you can run office applications. this is the simplest category as word processing does not require very much power.

Can i say tht the main req'm for MB is :- Support more devices. Either SCSI or RAID that allow more than the traditional 4 IDE devices. As for security intrusion and others, wht are the manufacturing brands that has such functions?

That means, a board that support more than 2GB of RAM. Am i correct?

Gaming :
Can i say, use the latest AGP interface in the market? Like the 8X AGP port?

Office processing:
Always the minimum?
Im not quite sure what your looking for lol.. But i'd look for something that has a little bit of everything :)

But prices go up mind you.
tks. The link has very informative stuff i need. THink i will stick to GA8INXP unless a new MB come out later.
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