Motherboard Upgrade - Help Needed!!


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Hi all, this is my first post so be nice :)

I'm a complete beginner to all this so forgive me if I'm a bit slow at times ;)

Basically I need to upgrade my motherboard. I have an Intel board with integrated graphics so no AGP slot, and now I'm discovering that no new games will even run on it. I contemplated gettin a PCI graphics card, but after spendin a bit of time on these boards I think it's gonna be wise to go for new mobo with AGP slot.

So this is where you guys come in :D

I wanna new mobo but I don't need anything fancy - basically somethin thats gonna be easy (and cheap!) to put in and will work with everythin I've already got so I don't have to buy anything else. It needs a few PCI slots, an AGP slot (preferably 8x i think?), and a few USB slots.

Current computer:

Dell Dimension 2300
Pentium 4 2.5 GHz

I am a complete newbie so if you need more information you're gonna have to tell me how to get it!

Thanx in advance!!