Motherboard question?


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My question is i have a supermicro h8dce server motherboard Now my question is this motherboard appears to have 3 power connectors a 24pin,a 4pin,and a 8pin do i need to use all 3 thanks guys for the help?I was going to post a link to the board but im not sure if i can do that?on the forum


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It is fine to post links for better explanation to help solve your issue.
The answer to you question is a toughy. The board is what is refered to as an EXtended ATX form factor and is fairly rare. Because of the power issues that surround that motherboard in dealing with the dual chips and all I will say that it is mandatory. The only reference that I could come up with was a stipulation covering the extra power connector

Extended ATX Form Factor

To ensure system stability, a 460W (minimum)
ATX12V power supply ( besides the 24 pins, both
4 pin and 8 pin + 12V power connector) is required.

This says that it is needed and as such you must have a power supply that includes the extra 8 pin power plug.