Motherboard problems


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hey guys,

I am just finishing up building my new pc, my first build. I have all my components in apart from the RAM which got delayed by Ebuyer until tomorrow. I didnt see the point in waiting for it to start building so a friend and I have assembled all of my other components taking top care and using antistatic mats and wristbands.

I figured that I would power on my copmuter once we were done to see if everything was powering up correctly, expecting my motherboard (asus k8v se deluxe) to report a memory post message. Everything powered on fine and my hard drive and CDRW/DVD lights came on with my CPU fan also turning on fine.

I wasnt sure if my bios would run up on the screen, i doubted it as i expected my graphics card would require some RAM to operate.

However a couple of things failed to happen. Firstly I reciveved no post messages which worried me a bit as no RAM was installed, and secondly my chasis (sp?) fan did not active. I switched the fan to its secondary power connector (direct connection to the PSU) and it worked fine. I also switched my warning speaker connector arround incase i had plugged it in the wrong way, however this still didnt get a post message.

Should I be worried about the lack of post messages or do you think that once the RAM is in the system should be O.K. . i know i will find out the answer tomorrow or the day after but it would help me sleep betterif i wasnt worried that i might have messed up my fairly expensive PC :(

Thanks for any advice / info,



i'd just wait until you have that ram in, then post with your problems :D
It can't really do much without memory. I would generally not even dry boot the motherboard without memory cause its a waste of time.