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So, once again I have a question to ask! :p

Basically, I've never had anything more than budget components in a computer and this motherboard I'm using in the new build (MA790FX-DS5 by Gigabyte) is a more expensive thing and has various things that I'm not used to seeing on my low end stuff. One thing in particular is this eight-pin power connector in the top right of the following image:

Now, my question is, does it need to be powered by an eight-pin connection or is a P4 sufficient? The reason I ask is that it half of it is covered by the black plastic cap.

Sorry to be such a pain with all these questions in rapid succession, but there's real money gone in to this system (unlike others where I've swapped my way up to decent things) so I want to make sure I get it absolutely right and, well, it's been nearly a year since I built a system, so, yeah...


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It's OK, it is fine to power it with a 4 pin, 8 pin is not really required, just to be "safe". As some of the high end Phenoms have 125W TDPs.