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hey, i'm wanting to upgrade my cpu. i have a gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 motherboard and it can only take 95w cpu's which limits me on what i can buy. how can i find out what motherboard i can upgrade to that's still compatible with the cpu i have now, (amd fx6300 socket am3+) but that i can upgrade it more later? the reason why i asked for a board that's still compatible is that i want to buy the board now and then when i get enough money again, then buy the cpu. thanks in advance for the help!

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You'll be wasting your money going with that route, because that system is getting too old. Just save up to get an AM4 board and a Ryzen cpu. I mean you can get a cheap Ryzen 3200 chip for under $100. and then later get a good video card and a Ryzen 9 or 7 series cpu, and go with this type of upgrade path

A cheap way you can do is to buy a cpu on ebay to upgrade your current board, Here's a list for your specific board, and it does list 125w cpu's too. Of course with a 125w cpu you'll most likely need a better heatsink than that stock one for the fx6300 chip. Personally I think the older Phenom II X4 ran better than the fx6300 cpu
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Heck, even a B350/B450 board and a 1600/2600 would be a HUGE upgrade, bud. I went from a FX8320 to a Ryzen 1600 and was blown away. Going from the 1600 to the 3600X wasn't as big a jump but still nice.
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