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any other insights on this???
I wrote earlier...
I went to install a printer and got halfway thru the set up when I realized the USB cable was not included with the printer. I left the computer in the middle of the set up and didn't get back to it until the next morning.
When I came back to the pc, it looked like someone dimmed the screen, like the light from the screen was too bright, and just dimmed it...
This is not the case. No one touched it, I have tried the dimmer, all the colors... even went through the properties and set everything to default... Nothing.
I have rebooted several times. Let the pc sit for 12 hours or so and still....Nothing.
The monitor is a NEC Multisync 70. 2-2.5 years old...
If someone can shed some light on this it would be awesome.

Since then I have installed the printer again and it woks fine, but the monitor is still dimmed.
Could it have anything to with the monitor itself? Should I bring in the monitor and have it checked...?

Thanks again,